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AnabolicX Bot (diet pills must be 18 or older) ​​Features *Apt Trick *Hidden WebBrowser Requirements *NET Framework 3.5+Website http://www.anabolicx.com/arsenal/sx/sample-request.php+Rep is always appreciated! AnabolicX Bot (diet pills must be 18 or older)​ ​ Features *Apt release date for iphone x Trick *Hidden WebBrowser released Requirements *NET Framework 3.5+ Website http://www.anabolicx.com/arsenal/sx/sample-request.php +Rep release date is release the kraken always appreciated!  

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I created a Pretty simple Lockerz Bot i made in a hour.What it does is watch videos on lockerz so you can earn PTZ points.-12/7/2010 Update: Fixed Errors.-12/7/2010 Update: Added Admin Alert.-12/7/2010 Update: Edited Login measures -12/7/2010 Update: Detection of finished video is now 100% accurate.-12/11/2010 Update: Autoit Error fix -12/11/2010 Update: Blank Capatcha fix-12/14/2010 Update: Fixed memory leak/Crashing -12/14/2010...