Swagcode Grabber

Swagcode Grabber – Finds codes instantly!
Swagcode Grabber

-Swagcode Grabber in action –

What it does
Swagcode Grabber finds Swagcodes for you in seconds so you don’t have to go searching for them just leave it open and continue what you were doing and when a code is found you’ll be alerted!

1. When you open Swagcode Grabber it should instantly find you codes for you which can be copied by clicking on the code -> Right click -> Copy , You can visit the URL Swagcode Grabber of the swagcode where it is posted by clicking on the URL address in the ‘Location’ column.

2.When you want to Swagcode Grabber to check for new codes just go to Options -> Check Every then enter the amount of minutes until it should start checking ; if no code is found it will repeat the process unless a code is found then it will flash the window repeatedly telling you a new code has been found and it will highlighted in green.


  • Multithreaded
  • Finds codes within seconds
  • Codes can be copied/you can visit the URL of the swagcode
  • All information about the code is displayed in a table

No Requiremnts Needed!

There are no bugs atm but if you find one then please tell me!




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