[Release][BOT]Auto Backlinks generator by owh24 – 3750 HQ backlinks in 15 minutes!

Hello guys,
Just finished coding a Special SEO bot for you all. Its an AUTO BACKLINK GENERATOR for your website/blog. Submits your site/blog to over 3750+ sites. Safe to use!

Good to increase traffic on your WEBSITE/BLOG!

A Great way to increase Alexa & Google auto backlink generator pages ranking! Works on all search engines!

A great and working SEO release bottle jack Tool by owh24!

+Rep and Thanks will be highly appreciated!!

It release bottled up emotions is a bit laggy only release butterflies cheap if your internet speed is slow! Works perfectly!

0) Thanks and +rep me (optional)
1) Download the attachment “Auto-Backlinks by owh24.rar”
2) Extract it & Run it
3) Click ‘OK’ when the message box pops up!
4) Wait for 15 seconds
5) Now type in your URL to the website/blog
6) Click the button ‘ 1 ‘ wait for 2-3 seconds and then click the next one and continue like this for the other 4 buttons!

Request bots below and as I’m free I will code more! (Currently working on a BTC bot)

Here is a screenshot:
[Release][BOT]Auto Backlinks generator by owh24 - 3750  release button greyed out HQ backlinks in 15 minutes!

VirusTotal :



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