[RELEASE] Wootifier ReVamped (NEW)

[RELEASE] Wootifier ReVamped (NEW)

About Wootifier
I created this simple little program release date for iphone x for a woot.com release notifier. You put certain keywords on the program and the bot will keep searching if any of the keywords is listed on the website. This bot works perfectly when Woot.com has a Woot-Off and release me want to make sure you don’t miss on the certain deals that shows up.

Version History Logs

— Version 2.0 ReVamped —
[+] New GUI Interface.
[+] Made release date program a lot faster on scanning keywords properly
[-] Removed a bunch of useless code,
[~] Planning to add auto-updater to it soon

Virus Scan Total release the kraken (1/43) *false reading*



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