[RELEASE] Pin Auto-Submitter/Auto Phone Verification

Yeah im releasing a auto binary signals phone verification pin auto submitter, that way you release the hounds dont really need to verify it submitter with your phone. It uses a kinda bruteforce, and it will take 1-2 hours, depends on the speed of pinautomaten your pc, speed of the internet and of release date for iphone x the website you are using. This will NOT work if there is captcha.


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How to use:
1. Open up
2. Go on website of phone verification
3. Put the program on top.
4. Enter 123456789 on the 1st textbox.
5. Click Start and very quickly medium (fast=supa speed, medium=normal speed, slow=good speed) and place the mouse in the box where entering the PIN, clicking on it.
Go! Should be guessing it. If it guesses it, then it will go to the page but NOT stop. I suggest to close all other programs before.


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