[Release] Offer Filler Bot

In all seriousness
I am indeed making an actual offer completer bot that is not yet to be released yet. I am still making the bot, and hopefully, it’ll be done by the end of April. I’m not saying it is going to get released on April 30th, it can be released in any day of April.

[strike]Hey guys, this is my newest release bot ever to be made. This is an offer filler bot. Basically, it’ll complete the offers all the way though the end. It may not work for some offers, but it works for most.

[Release] Offer  release date for iphone x Filler Bot

Virus Scan:

Thanks released staar test & Rep appreciated =)


Joseph said:
I had the honor to test this bot and it’s amazing. Vouch.
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Darkness said:
Mine worked fine as release the kraken well? I’ve already made a solid $3.50 from this bot. Download it quickly before its sub only!
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AntonioC said:
Doing offers have never been this easy! Vouch.
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ageekeegan2 said:
Holy shit, i honestly thought this was an april poops joke, but this actually wokred :DD
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Shneptar said:
Holy shit this works VOUCH FOR THIS SEXY BITCH~!
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