[RELEASE] LinkBee AutoClicker (Lnk.co)

Outdated Bot. Hopefully I can update it.

NOTE: This was meant for this Gaming site, TruGaming, but I decided to release it here early =)

Hey! I’m back with coding! (Actually, I was watching One Piece (No, it’s not a porno). One Piece is an anime show and it’s good)

So, I’m not going to flame, but couple days ago, DmitryYank123 made two threads about his Adf.ly and LinkBee bot with “proofs” that his bot works. I honestly don’t think that he actually made it or whatever, so eh.

Anyways, right now, the GUI is pretty crap and I’m lazy to open PhotoShop (Too much PhotoShop for me, had to do a bunch of PhotoShop projects at school), so here’s the result of it =)

[RELEASE] LinkBee AutoClicker (Lnk.co)

What did I tell ya? Horrible released staar test GUI.

– Proxies Support
– View multiple links
– 30 [RELEASE] LinkBee AutoClicker (Lnk.co) seconds wait time to view (Because proxies can be slow)
– View about 3/4 and gets you paid
– ONLY support Banner (When creating links, select Banner instead)
– Hide to Tray
– Easy
– Free

1. Open the program
2. Right click on the Listbox and release the kraken add links (Ad Type release date for iphone 8 must be Banner)
3. Do the same thing but load the proxies list in the proxy format. (ex.
4. Click Start
5. Double click on the icon on the lower right corner to hide it
6. Enjoy.

Virus Scan
You guys still don’t trust me on all of my releases? :'(

Well… have fun leechers… I mean come on, at least be active on the forum and not download, rename the file, post on other site and claim that you made it when you didn’t =/


PS: I’m running out of spaces to upload stuff :worried:
Remember: When creating links, for Ad Type, select Banner



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