[RELEASE] FerretSpamYouV1.3

Hey guy, Ferret here. I decided to just release release of liability form FerretSpamYou V1.3 with little testing. So, Please Report Any Bugs Here In This Thread. Thank you.

-SMS Bomber
-Email Bomber
-Attach File(Email Only)
-Custom number of bombed messages
-5 Preset Gmails
-Option to use personal Gmail
-Option to add a Custom 6th Preset
-Option to EDIT Presets
-A BUNCH of My.Settings.Save to release the hounds intensify your expirence.
-First Run detection
-Smooth, easy to use GUI
-Preset List of 14 Carriers(SMS only)
-Ability to find a Numbers Carrier via phone number(SMS Only)
-Ability to add custom Carrier/extension (SMS Only(Extension= @example.com))
-Option to view an SMS’s Text Email, so you can use Email Bomber to Bomb PixMessages
-“…>!?!??!!” Button (What does it do… :) )
-Ability to add signature(SMS Only)
-And all of the little things inbetween :)




FerretSpamYou has been in production for a month now, and I am disappointed to release date for iphone 8 announce that V1.3 is as far as I want to take this production. It has been a good run.

If you are interested, I am willing to sell the release me full open source to anyone who release wants. Just offer, I have no set price. And this isn’t a thread to sell it. So take all Source Project questions out of this thread, and into:
-Private Message
-Email: [email protected]

Post feedback below please and thank you :)





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