EDIT: THESE ARE FOR PPD :facepalm: People think these work. :lol:
I’m still new to programming and learned a lot through this. :uhuh:

The applications aren’t threaded, so if you release date for iphone 8 try to move the application or do something else on your desktop when your code is generating, it’ll crash. :okay:

A user can click on the generate button two times, and then on the third it’ll be a popup window with an adf.ly link. :jew:

Enjoy my first release! I’ll be making more bots and adding them here.

If you’re an expert in CPA and can get a ton of downloads (through surveys), I’m open to working together and epic bots runescape I’ll make a custom bot for free. :thumbs:

Here’s the virus scans.

Amazon Gen:

iTunes Gen:

Nintendo eShop Gen:

Xbox Code Gen:


PayPal Money Adder:



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