[RELEASE] bottraffic.com Bot (Beta)

Hi all!
I want to cambodia introduce my new bot bot traffic software to you.

(me=owner) is a new traffic exchange site.

FULL DESCRIPTION of the project here:

But it’s not a normal link or view exchange, it is more and it will be much, much more.

On the one hand, you can use the bot to get credits by letting the bot e.g. visit websites from other bot traffic detection users in auto-surf mode.

On the other hand, you can spend your credits to get traffic to your website, e.g. youtube, ad.fly, imagetwist, etc.



Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 + .NET Framework 4.0
Suggestion regarding your security: Run it in Sandboxie and/or VmWare

You need to have an account for login in the bot. Just write here in this thread, in IRC or PM, and you get an account for


If you have the account, you can login to it and submit the websites you want to get viewed by other users.

Status of the project:

Features which are included now:

– Get a visit/view on a link
– Get a visit/view on a link, wait x seconds
– Get a visit/view on a link, wait random amount of seconds
– Web Interface to create your campaigns and/or setup your proxy (this is really shitty so far ^^ )

Features which release the kraken are in the next version:

– Visit link, (wait,) click on a hyperlink
– Visit link, (wait,) click on a html submit button

Features which will be added as soon as possible (only the most important things, there are many more little things):

– additional HTML Forms Filling
– clean cookies
– Router reconnect / IP change batches support
– Many release date for iphone 8 changes in web interface, so that you can exactly describe what your traffic have to be, i.e.:
– traffic origin
– user agents
– time
– referrer
– captcha
– etc…
– JavaScript Interaction
– Flash Interaction

Feedback, suggestions and bugs here:



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