[Release] Apptrailers BOT – Fully HTTP Bot + Source

Recently made this, didn’t feel like keeping it a secret. I got banned trying to bot my account and I’m not sure what really triggers their ban. (could be any invalid params that would trigger it, doesn’t release date matter)

[Release] Apptrailers BOT - Fully HTTP Bot  released staar test + Source

If you can get past the serverside check ban then good job, you can make app trailers bot apk some easy money with no mobile devices easily.

Things to Note:
-Watch +5 vids are all for YUME ads, so theres a whole section of codes just to request the videos
-The bot gets the video and calculates the time so you might be wondering why theres a TMediaPlayer.
-The Hashes as follows:

Checkin hash:

  public String addHash(String paramString)
    String str1 = paramString + "&fbid=" + AppRedeemUser.getFbId() + "&uuid=" + this.UUID + "&sid=" + this.AndroidID + "&imei=" + this.IMEI + "&sernum=" + URLEncoder.encode(this.SerialNum) + "&ver=" + URLEncoder.encode(this.VersionNum) + "&ptype=" + this.PhoneType + "&dver=" + URLEncoder.encode(Build.VERSION.RELEASE) + "&device=" + URLEncoder.encode(Build.MODEL) + "&region=" + this.sRegion + "&platform=android&client_type=native_android_video";
    String str2 = str1 + this.str_log_i;
    return str1 + "&hash=" + md5(str2);

Advertisement Key hash:

String str = md5(this.UUID + String.valueOf(677484) + this.seqNum + "_" + i).toUpperCase();

//SeqNum obtained from getSeq.php (read in source)




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