(RELEASE) Addmefast Bot

Well, for the past little while I have been working on designing and coding an Addmefast point increaser bot. I have finally finished and have decided to release it for free ONLY for TBN users. More information will be listed below.

Basically, you open the bot, follow the instructions (listed below) and sit back and watch you addmefast bot imacros points increase :D

This bot has been 100% tested and is guaranteed to earn you thousands of points per day

(RELEASE) Addmefast Bot

1. Download and open the program
2. Enter login information
3. Click the “Navigate” button (Wait 10 seconds)
4. Click the “Login” button (Wait 10 seconds)
5. Click Start. (Allow up to 1 minute to start seeing results, if you do not see results reopen and refollow steps).

Virus scan –

Download Link –

Password to unlock the download is “coolshots”.

Every once in a while you might get an Internet (RELEASE) Addmefast Bot explorer popup, just click (Yes leave this page).

Any further questions, post below :D Click thanks please :thumbs:


This bot was 100% coded and designed by “NUGE” of TBN. Selling rights addmefast bot free download are strictly NOT allowed. If you have purchased this bot or downloaded it from anywhere but here, please contact addmefast bot me ASAP.



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