(RELEASE) Addmefast Bot v2.0

Hey guys, Most of you may know, I previously made a bot for released

Well, you may or may not know, that the bot was recently patched by addmefast. But, since then I have been working on updating the program for a new release. Well here it is.

This bot has been release fully tested and is guaranteed to earn you Thousands of points every day

(RELEASE) Addmefast Bot v2.0

1. Download and open the program (Wait 10 (RELEASE) Addmefast Bot v. seconds when opening)
2. After waiting addmefast bot v 10 seconds, enter your login information, click login (Wait 10 seconds)
3. Click start!
If your points are not increasing, reopen the program and repeat the steps.

Virus scan –

Download Link –

(Password to unlock the download is “coolshots” without “s)

There are no current bugs that I know of, post below if you find any.

– Faster point earning
– No Pop ups
– Easier Login


Thanks + Rep is appreciated:thumbs:



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