Nestle Bot

Nestle Bot gives you free samples of Nestle nestle bottling plant Hot chocolate (ONLY RESIDENTS OF U.S.).This is my very very very very first bot so nestle bottle caps if Nestle Bot there is bugs report them and i will do my best to fix them lol.

There are no viruses trust me, I’m not like that…And besides I spent at least 6-7 hours just to make this simple but and still its nestle bottled water unperfect lol.

Nestle Bot

It uses:
Address trick
Gmail trick and when typing in email don’t put @gmail does it for you
The states are in initials (had to be.)
Custom Pictures by myself.

It is 12:51A.M. here and im hella tired and hope you will enjoy you free nestle bottled water delivery nestle hot coco haha!

Here’s a virus scan by one of your fellow TBN members

Click to expand…

90% Me
10% PropertyCo (helped on states inputs)



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