LIMES – The Ultimate Swagbucks Bot

(Legendary Intelligence Making Everything Swaggy)
LIMES - The Ultimate Swagbucks Bot
LIMES - The Ultimate Swagbucks Bot

Brought to you by: Darkness
Limes(Legendary Intelligence Making Everything Swaggy) is a new bot for Swagbucks that does more than search. It does the poll, daily offers, and even looks for swagcodes.


  • Searching(obviously)
  • Daily Poll
  • Daily Offers
  • Manual Captcha
  • Swagcode Finding(Sub-Only)
  • Minimize to Tray
    [*]FREE Decaptcher(OCR)(Sub-Only)
  • 64-bit Support(Sub Only)
  • Windows 7 Support(Sub-Only)


  • One Hotdog
  • 2 posts(even though it should be 20)
  • 3.5 .Net Framework


  • You must be already logged in for it to work.
  • a wordslist(words.txt) has to be in the same folder
  • LIMES was coded in C#
  • Non-Sub version has longer delay time

Bugs (Or how I say it, ZE BUGS!!!!!!!)

Please Rep+ if you like it.Or if your too lazy then Press Thanks!


THE BOT HAS LIMES – The Ultimate Swagbucks Bot BEEN DISCONTINUED! For an updated version please purchase a subscription to TBN for LIMES 2.0



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