iClickShorten (Adf.ly, LinkBucks, etc.)

Hey, it’s JLim and I’m here with another great release that I’m hoping would be best bot that I’ve ever created for you users. This is a special release as this is my 1000th post and that I love you guys really much.

STATUS: Not Working, currently trying to fix it.

What is iClickShorten?
iClickShorten is like any other links clicker. It can click your Adf.ly, AdFoc.us, lnk.co, and more. Basically, this is a all in one program that does the job so you don’t need to have a bunch of different program running at the same time.

iClickShorten (Adf.ly, LinkBucks, etc.)

What are the requirements?
– 10 useful posts
– Windows XP/Vista/7
– .Net Framework 3.0 or above
– A brain

What are the features?
I try my best to put as many features that may be useful. This is so it can look real and professional than a random person made it. Here’s the list of the features it contains.
– Build-in linkbucks payout rates proxies (That’s right, no need to load proxies anymore)
– Load Proxies (Load proxies list from your text file)
– Sleep etc.) Interval (After clicking certain amount, it’ll stop for a while)
– Links Clicks Interval (How many clicks before it goes to sleep mode)
– Delay Interval (How long it should wait after the page is loading)
– Log (Shows the current status of what the current program doing)
– Multiple Links (You can now add as many links at the same time)
– Export List (You can save your links to a text file)
– Import List (You can now load your links from a text file)
– Close on idle (If the bot is idle for 2 hours, it’ll close by itself)
– Minimize to Tray (No more program bothering you when you’re working on something)

What’s the differences in other program?
The only differences with this program and any other links clicker out there is that it’s a one big clicker combined together without you running multiple programs. This also has lots of features you can use and things other clickers don’t have.

Can you add this site to the bot?
If you find a site that you would like to see in this bot, please tell me below what’s the name of the site and I’ll try to fit it inside the bot.

How much does it cost?
All my releases are FREE. I give no charges, however, if you like to donate, feel free linkbucks bypass to do so. Because linkbucks skipper I love coding and I love TBN, I release my programs free for anyone to use.

Can I re-post this on other site?
Yes, you may with one exception. You MUST provide my name on the thread. If you don’t, I can easily disable the program to stop working, making it so no one is unable to use. I may let you slide, but when I find more threads claiming that they made it and/or no credit that goes to me, I will shut it down.

Why do you keep on putting virus scan?
Not only because I want to, but to protect TBN members. There are many programs, that I know of, contain viruses, and for your sake, I put virus scan. This will also help you to protect yourself and myself to iClickShorten (Adf.ly maintain trusts from you guys.

Thanks JLim for the great releases!
Now, don’t just posts and say thanks. There’s a button that says Thanks you can click on. It’s there for reason so use it.

Is there any bugs?
v1.1 – Removed a bug in the beginning in the log
v1.2 – Fixed the lag after clicking start

v1.0 –

v1.1 –
v1.2 –




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