[ GET ] WP Ads Overlay On Anything

WP Ads Overlay On Anything

Been Through The Don’t Share anything List, Can’t See It On There

This was a freebie from a marketing anything you can do list i belong to. Rather than just anything to mp3 delete it i thought i’d share it on here as it maybe of use to other members.

I have only done a quick test on localhost, so i have no idea if it’s any good or not for a live site.

” Ads are not effective unless they are seen. Hence If your website
visitors aren’t seeing the advertisements anything4views you are placing then you are
missing out on potential sales and income.
Ad Overlay Anything can show your ads on top of anything, including
embedded videos, images, or blocks of text. Increase your ad exposure
and site revenue by placing relevant ads directly over your most
important anything else content! You may use Ad Overlay Anything as a WordPress plugin or
include it directly in your own web pages without WordPress. “

Virus Total: http://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b…9c5d5c45757f7bcdd780751d8f40dea95c9/detection

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