[GET] Free images from iStockPhoto

Hey all,

Just came across this nifty trick for pulling free images off iStockPhoto.

Requirements: Google Chrome (might work on other browsers too)

Step 1. Go to istockphoto . com
Step 2. Search for whatever images you need
Step 3. On the page that comes up with all the images, hit inspect element on anything
Step 4. Go to the Sources tab
Step 5. On the left sidebar, find and free images of happy birthday click on the “media . istockphoto stock photo meme . com” dropdown
Step 6. There should be two folders, one for photos, and one for vectors.
Step 7. Open up the folder, and find the image you want.
Step 8. Right stock photos click on the free images image, and click “Open image in new tab”
Step 9. Right click -> Save Image As..

You’re all done! Rinse and repeat.


Hope this helps.



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