[get] Addmfast bot 100+ points a minute

So I decided to re-write the AMF bot by [size=small]Nikola Tesla HF showthread.php?tid=5302620[/size]
I wrote this in c# rather than VB… Hope you enjoy.. Source code below… Don’t sell Addmfast bot + points a minute it like a scrub, just enjoy

(I can’t post images, check on the github)


Go to Twitter and set-up API information (api key, secret, access and access secret) login to addme fast on the bot with your email and pass, then add the Twitter api in the modules tab, and the instagram information. Run the bot.. This uses Twitter api so you won’t be banned.

github . com/filtration/Add-me-fast-bot-2017


I can’t post links either lol.. remove the spacing between the dot



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