Element.SearchAndWin.com Search Bot

This is the first bot I have made in a while and I am gonna start making some more :D

This site is like swagbucks but element vape there is no captcha when you win points so its good :)

If you want to use this bot then please sign up via my referal link by clicking

Thanks if you do :D


  • Dosen’t require a wordlist.
  • Random Delays between 2 delays selected by pchsearchandwin you.
  • Shows what word is being searched for (in statusbar).
  • Shows current delay.
  • Has a points earned counter.
  • Saves your delays when bot is closed.

Picture of Bot:

  • Element.SearchAndWin.com Search Bot


  • I belive you need 30 posts to use, it has no auth but it uses a webscript up at thebottingnetwork that requires 30 posts so please make sure you have 30 posts and you post on tbn every time before using it or it will search for “AUTH FAILED” every time.

Change Log:

  • v1.0 – Bot Released.
  • v1.1 – Delay error message fixed.

This is elements of art still quite buggy I belive, can you please print screen any errors you may recive and post them here!

Thanks for using this bot and please sign up using my referal link if you haven’t already signed bing.com search bot up (check above the feature section)!





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