CBL Bot 2.0 STABLE – Clubbing Legit Bot – Legit Anagrammer Bot

CBL Bot 3.0 – Clubbing Legit Bot

Download is removed
New version here:

Some Pics:

, i have been able cbl botnet to take out almost all the delays except for Letters, Enter button, and clear button. Please post feedback, errors, ideas, new features so that I CBL Bot . STABLE – Clubbing Legit Bot – Legit Anagrammer Bot can add them to CBL and make this a better bot. You boton cbl can support and give thanks to me by using my bot or just +rep :D.


  1. Start up CBL Bot(Click the SafeMode.exe if you have BlueScreens)
  2. Setup your accounts in the accounts menu
  3. Setup delays and decaptcher in the options menu
  4. press execute
  5. GET PRIZES!!!

Current Features:

  • Decaptcher Support
  • Skips bugged puzzles
  • Return bad captchas
  • Bot multiple accounts
  • Fully Automatic
  • Error Captcha Handling
  • x64 Compatible
  • 100% Silent

Features coming soon:

  • Smaller Design
  • Multiple Anagram Sources


  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • 32bit color display


[*]v1.0 BETA
[*]First Release
[*]BETA Testing Stage
[*]v2.0 STABLE
[*]Now full stable release
[*]Added Error Captcha Handling
[*]Added x64 compatibility
[*]BSOD's Mostly Fixed
[*]Fixed Single Player button in  cbl bottlers Chicktionary
[*]Added function to enter exact amount of words
[*]Optimized RAM and CPU usage
[*]Added AutoStart
[*]Fixed Check Marks


  • To grapplinghook for his decaptcher class


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