BuxBot – A Linkbucks Bot

Hey everyone,
I linkbucks bot license key coded something similar to this last year in July, and it was a horrible failure. I have been absent from this site for awhile, and am making a linkbucks bot small comeback by releasing this bot, which is now coded in VB.NET.

To all leeches: You need an HTTP Proxy. Don’t complain if it doesn’t work, because it’s probably your fault.

Now, with that said, please report bugs to me that happen in the actual bot itself, not if you have trouble opening it.

And for the bot itself…

BuxBot - A Linkbucks Bot

Works for intermission only as of now. I’ll get banner coded soonish.

-Multiple link support
-Copy & Paste proxies (use Dab’s proxy bot)
-Custom delay
-Custom number of cycles
-Failsafe to check if proxy worked

Tell me if you’d like me to add anything. And remember, it’s only in alpha.

6/15/11 linkbucks bot free download –



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