BOT tViewer Bot (Visitor Maker)


This is a bot that I used before to send traffic visitor maker 1.1 to my site using visitor maker crack proxies. I don’t know if visitor maker 1.3 crack already posted, But Here it’s with an explanation how to use it :pfft:

Download Link 1:

Download Link 2:

Virus-Total Scan:

Instructions after installation:
1. Open the program:

BOT tViewer Bot (Visitor Maker)

A: Proxies: Click it to add proxies from a text file (.txt)
B: Time out: Close browser and next to new proxy if in period program can NOT connect to your website address through the first proxy
C: Delay: the time which visitor stay on a webpage
D: Show Browser: Display browser while visiting your site. Default value is FALSE, we just use this function for testing to make sure program is loading your site
E: User Agents: This feature allows you to visitor maker 1.3 premium driving visitors come from a specific device. Exapme: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64), Chrome/25, etc …
F: Referrals: This feature allows you to driving visitors come from anywhere. Just change the ” referrals.txt ” by your wanted referrer (

, , etc …)
G: Website address: Enter you website address
H: Inner Pages: his feature allows you to driving visitors come with your site then visit all your “Inner Pages” list. (try to put not more than 2 pages or the program will crash)

Now, to get fresh proxy list, go to

and submit your mail address. You will receive you password. Now you can login and get lots of proxies (By country, by port, etc …)

Note: You can run this application on a VPS


If you have any question, I am ready to answer



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