BOT Proxy checker 1.0 – Saves working proxies from the list

Proxy checker 1.0

This proxy checker bot will check whether proxies in the provided proxy list are working or not, it will read proxies from proxy.txt file and save working ones in the working_proxies.txt file. This script can be used in combination with my other Proxy visitor 1.0 script. You can sort working proxies using this script and use them in proxy visitor 1.0. You can check proxy visitor


Bottom one was my original proxy list, and 2nd from bottom is new working list.

How to use.

Well there is not much to say, just upload the proxy list and index.php file to your server and you should be good to go. Just make sure proxy’s separated by breaks, not by commas. It should look something like BOT Proxy checker . – Saves working proxies from the list this.


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