BOT [Beta] PTCStairBot V1 – PTCStair Auto Clicker

PTCStairBot V1
PTCStair Auto Clicker
BOT [Beta] PTCStairBot V1 - PTCStair Auto Clicker

PTCStairBot Will Perform The Following Tasks

  • Auto login and not if already logged in
  • Retry if failed login
  • Use captcha services (for login only) if selected or manual if not
– Deathbycaptcha
– Decaptcha
– Bypass Captcha
– Captcha Sniper
(Only Tested With DBC)​
  • Auto click the ads on the ad page
  • Click image captcha
  • Retry failed ads
  • Check balance after successful ad click
  • Show running status of PTCStairBot
  • Pause
  • Detect ads already viewed
  • End on its own
  • Notify of updates
PTCStairBot V1 In Action

PTCStairBot is still in beta stage and still has a few bugs that need ironing out,
I am aware of the following bugs

1 ad wont click

Maually click remaining ad​

After you first run PTCStairBot
you will see it downloading the necessary support files if needed,
this bot was created with ubot and this process grabs required flies from ubot to allow the bot to run, If you have used any of my other bots it should NOT have to do this
BOT [Beta] PTCStairBot V1 - PTCStair Auto Clicker
After it has completed
PTCStairBot will be ready to run​

Sign up to PTCStair here :

Ref Link =

Non Ref =

Update :

DL :

VT :


This bot was created with Ubot and because the source code of uBots are encrypted some AVs always trigger UBot compiled bots as viruses and trigger a false positive alarm which is a royal pain in BOT [Beta] PTCStairBot V – PTCStair Auto Clicker the A**

I am more than happy to allow another coder/bot creator to de-compile my bot to confirm there is nothing but the code used to create the bot.


Alternatively anyone unsure can use a VM or Sandbox to run, ..
or doesnt have to download or use it.​



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