999dice bot. Fast and automatic. + Trick Inside

This bot is from the 999dice site. I just like to promote it and include a trick in it.

Go here first:


Then download the bot:

deposit at least 1BTC (Required for the trick)

Then set the base bet to 1 satoshi. (0.00000001)

If you are going to use it on a vps, use 4BTC (required). 8BTC or Higher (Recommended). Why? VPS has faster bets.

How does the trick work?
The bot averagely bet 50 bets per second.
and with the bet, you are expected to bust at 26 consecutive losses in 4194304 bets. Which is 83886.08 seconds or inside trick or treating approximately a day.
While it is not getting to 26 consecutive losses, obviously the balance will rise. And it inside trick or treating st louis would allow the bot to increase bankroll before the bust. Because the number of bets is so high, it dice bot discord would allow the bot to get the bankroll upto 27 consecutive losses and so on because it only have 0.01% bankroll (Which is only 420 bets behind. And you can get that bet won in just mere 4 seconds.). Which would give you an infinite bankroll. UNLESS you are unlucky. You can try getting the balance in half a day. That would give you at least 0.2097152 Bitcoins. You just multiplied your balance by 1.5x!

Right now, I’m trying to make more formulas and improve inside trick or treating fort wayne the bot for more betting strategies.


And for those who don’t agree with automatic betting, Automatic betting isn’t really bad if you have a brain and a calculator.



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